People Pleaser

Recognizing and addressing feelings of resentment, especially towards those we are closely connected to, is crucial for maintaining healthy relationships. Often, resentment can lead to other emotions like anxiety, creating

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Innovation & Technology

William A Smith’s  focuses on Tequity; the creation of intergenerational wealth, through equity based shares of technology, for women and minority owned businesses. He is turning his years of experience and wisdom into

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Food and Travel

Meet Robert Gaglio, of Italian Culinary tours. Born the son of Sicilian parents. In this episode, Robert shares his story pivoting from a finance career to a career filled with

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The 5 Day Job Search

Her name is Annie Margarita Yang- Finance, Author, and Job Search Coach.Author of The 5-Day Job Search and 1,001 Ways to Save Money!  What does it mean to build your brand and how

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What’s the Impact?

Some life lessons are not always rosey, so what are the key ingredients that give some of us the drive to an optimistic outlook?   Joining me in this episode

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