For many of us, the stories we tell ourselves about our past become gatekeepers, dangling the key to our future. But the future is rightfully yours, and there is hope on the other side of adversity.
In this series of Hart Inspired, we’ll discuss how to let go of the stories that are no longer serving you. We’ll learn from others who slayed the dragon within so they could dream bigger, and then see those dreams turned into reality.
We all have moments when we know we must make a choice, but the private pivot is just the beginning. The first move toward change begins within, with the stories you tell yourself, followed by choosing different surroundings and forming new relationships. Setbacks will always be a part of your story, but the new you will look for the next steps. One day at a time, you’ll wake up one morning realizing that the person who lived in despair now guides others to find the best version of themselves.
Are you unsure of how to find your exit? Which turns should you take or who will you trust to come alongside you and help you find your way? If you are feeling as though you can’t seem to find the exit, I welcome you to reach out to talk about three things.

What do you want to achieve in the next thirty days?

What does it look like if you succeed?

What is stopping you? Is it you or is it your story?
Together, we’ll remove self-doubt and craft your next chapter. You can choose to do something that stretches you just a little further to reach new limits and celebrate every win.