Women in Leadership

It is no secret that women are powerful forces, continuing to show up and advocate for their voices to be heard alongside their peers. In this series, my guests are juggling family responsibilities, education, health, businesses, biases and more. While on the outside it may seem as if they have it all together and remain strong, there is often a feeling that being vulnerable is not always well received. Having a hard shell on the outside to protect what may be going on inside is common. In this series, you will meet some amazing women who are are indeed a bit of a badass! I am honored to be collaborating with these ladies. We laugh, we get serious, we talk about burnout. what it feels like to be in the drivers’ seat, the war stories and what it means to be true to ourselves. Please listen in and enjoy the journey! If you or someone you know needs help pushing through their roadblocks, or finding ways to recover from burnout, I welcome you to reach out and book a call. Together we can explore the possibilities of how to get back to celebrating the wins, and finding joy.

What do you want to achieve in the next thirty days?

What does it look like if you succeed?

What is stopping you? Is it you or is it your story?
Together, we’ll remove self-doubt and craft your next chapter. You can choose to do something that stretches you just a little further to reach new limits and celebrate every win.