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Graphic recording is the visual representation of ideas, stories, and conversations in real time.  It elevates events, promotes creative thought, and provides a visual summary of outcomes. Used in business, higher education, and events, it engages and inspires the viewer. 
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30 + years experience in Staffing & Recruitment for the travel & hospitality industry. Companies looking to outsource their hiring needs.
People looking for job opportunities
Temporary & independent contractor staffing.

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Learning and Development Solutions For Salespeople, Sales Leaders, Executives, and Client Service Professionals For companies and individuals who demand to see a positive change in performance.
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Pictures create a history of that one moment in time. Husband and wife team dedicated to creating professional and personal images that people will love!

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Graphic Design & Branding

Specializing in Wellness Design, print marketing for small businesses and custom pottery.

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BusinessTravel360 was created for those who want to be in the know about business travel. A 15 minute weekly podcast provides relevant information in short and concise news segments.


JoyWelle is a wellness lifestyle & consulting brand that collaborates with clients to curate and design meaningful, magical, and transformative wellness experiences and programs to live a balanced and joyful life.

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Our vision is a world where everything is connected – with solutions, services and offerings built specifically around how you and your business works.


See what clients have to say:

In the few years that I have known Michele, she has impressed me in every conversation and interaction. She is brilliant and has an unbelievable heart for serving and helping others. As she began her consultancy I was thrilled when a mutual friend introduced us. I absolutely recommend Michele to anyone looking for career coaching, help with change management, or talent development, as I trust that she would be a difference maker for you as she has been for me.

Michael Norton


I am so grateful that Michele could evaluate my overall experience and passion for the industry during our brief consulting sessions. In addition to encouraging me to start my own business, Michele also listened when I mentioned wanting to be an assistant first and recommended the perfect team for me to join. Although it has only been a few months, working as an assistant has been the ideal transition into the industry. As I continue learning and slowly growing my own book of business, I look forward to working with Michele again on the next chapter of my travel journey.

Carla Blizzard

Coaching with Michele has been the gift that keeps giving. Her ability to uncover weaknesses coupled with the expertise to provide workable solutions is spot on. In just a few short months, I was saving money on overhead while growing revenue. She is part strategist, part therapist, and part cheerleader, whatever is needed at the time. I appreciate being able to discuss challenges, aspirations, or best practices, and have her assistance in the design of my company going forward.

Caryn Sterling


I know first-hand the struggle to navigate through switching careers and the job-hunting circus. Sending out resume after resume, only to not hear a single word back. Landing an interview, only to be ghosted or passed over. This process can be daunting and completely discouraging.

I clearly wasn’t getting results, so I decided to try a career coach. Working with Michele Delgado was one of the best decisions I have ever made!! She worked with me one on one to help improve my interview skills and rebuild my resume from scratch.

I was amazed by the responses I got back a1er using the newly drafted resume. Within weeks I had set up several interviews.

I am happy to share that I have received and accepted a job offer!

David Castle

They say you meet someone when you least expect it and Michele is one of those people, her comment to help under a post I made was the beginning of good days m… She offered me a free consultation which changed my life for the better

She never ghosted on me and was with me every step

I can boldly say with Michele’s help and coaching I got a Job I love in less than 3 months

Have You Spoken Michele Yet? Speak to Her And Thank Me Later

If the world had more people like Michele it would be a better place… Thank you Michele for all You Do For Us-


Working with Michele was not only eye opening but a complete delight. She provided a unique perspective on the change in my career. She provided guidelines specifically for my needs and they were as effective as needed.

Thank you Michele!

Maria De Weaver Singh

I had the pleasure of working with Michele as a coach for our Women’s Empowerment Group, and her expertise and dedication truly stood out. Michele’s wealth of knowledge and the fantastic resources she provided were very helpful and insightful. What set her apart was her commitment — she went the extra mile by sending insightful check-in videos and emails, cared about what was important to us as individuals and showed a genuine investment in our success.

Michele’s genuine care for our individual concerns and priorities was evident in every interaction. She skillfully brought together a diverse group, fostering a shared energy and quality that made our collaboration both dynamic and harmonious. Her creative methods of checking in on our energy levels added a fun and engaging dimension to our sessions

Kendra C


I had the distinct pleasure to be a part of a Women’s Empowerment Group with Michele Delgado. In the matter of the months, I went from questioning my decisions and boundaries to being able to clearly recognize and delineate when I needed to take action to protect my time and my peace. My life is better because of Michele. She prioritizes these things in her own life and was an excellent role model as we learned how to take our power back and believe in

ourselves. She has a unique way of drawing out deep reflections and giving honest feedback and critique that helps her clientele grow.”

THANK YOU for the wonderful opportunity to learn from you and grow! I am continuing to navigate my next steps career-wise, but I will most definitely utilize you as a resource when needed.


In my 45-minute conversation with Michele, she provided insight and ideas to assist in my career

search. She is passionate about sharing her knowledge and experience – an incredible resource!

Michele is a valuable addition to my network.

Lori Lizotte

I show heart-centered coaches a unique method to convert prospects into paying clients, so they can serve more people, and make more money.I show heart-centered coaches a unique method to convert prospects into paying clients, so they can serve more people, and make more money.

March 22, 2024, Michael worked with Michele but they were at different companies. March 22, 2024, Michael worked with Michele but they were at different companies

I am blown away by Michele’s passion to help. In our time together, she provided powerful insights that are helping me grow my business. If you are looking to grow your business, have a professional life aligned with your values, or are looking for guidance in adapting to change, I highly recommend that you contact Michele.

Michael Stern

Michele is a thorough and concise person. Her career coaching is spot on. You will receive attentive

feedback and direction from her regarding any professional services you need. She offers services

such as resume writing, interview prep, and profile optimization to name a few. Most of all, she is

warm and down to earth. Any candidate will find her relatable and genuine.

Tori Campbell

Michele has a heart of gold and she pours herself into her clients. Michele was a key influence in

pushing me and giving me the confidence to make my dreams come true. She is an active listener

who provides actionable and practical insight to guide her clients to the next level.

Valerie R


Michele did an outstanding job of prepping me and working with me through the interview process in several positions. This ultimately led to an accepted offer from a dream role at a top pick company. It is obvious she has a tremendous amount of experience and knowledge with both the interview process for many types of companies, as well as their high level inner workings. I don’t think I would have done as well as I did during the process if it wasn’t for her help. I highly recommend her to any that would like to work with her to have a better presenting resume, as well as doing the prep and training to ace interviews and become more familiar with what to expect during the process (especially negotiation). She is extremely patient, personable, and clear in her delivery, and has that rare talent of being able to exactly describe what you need to succeed in the various phases of obtaining a new position. Again, if you need a fantastic resource to guide you to a better position, look no further, she’s got an established record of being able to help you attain that dream role.

Joe P.

I had the privilege to work with Michele on several projects while at Protravel International. She was a strong but compassionate leader and was well respected. I really saw her leadership play out in the early days of the pandemic when she rallied her team to provide direction and strategic communication to guide them during a challenging time. She is a visionary that is not afraid to put in the necessary work to create success in the company or in those she leads.

Deanna P

Michele was simply a fantastic client. Under her leadership, she helped our technology project yield the results needed to resolve complexities and timely delivery. I was impressed with her refined managerial style, accessibility, and leadership. Overall, her positive energy and mentorship made an impact on our success. I welcome the opportunity to service her again in the future.

Rachel R

In a word, ‘invaluable’ is how I can describe my experience with Michele Delgado as my business coach. She has helped me in areas I knew I was weak in such as administrative
organization, as well as motivated me to get out of my own way and move forward. Her years of business experience combined with her interpersonal skills make her the perfect partner in recharging, refocusing, and growing your business to the next level.

Laura W.