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Deanna Pannier Director, Talent Development, Protravel International
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I had the privilege to work with Michele on several projects while at Protravel International. She was a strong but compassionate leader and was well respected. I really saw her leadership play out in the early days of the pandemic when she rallied her team to provide direction and strategic communication to guide them during a challenging time. She is a visionary that is not afraid to put in the necessary work to create success in the company or in those she leads
Rick Louie CTEFederal Reserve Bank of San Francisco
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Michele was the VP at Direct Travel overseeing the consolidated account of almost a dozen Federal Reserve Banks, each a separate legal entity with different travel policies and internal procedures. Michele and her team had a great rapport with each of the travel managers responding quickly and thoroughly to a wide range of problems and requests. I look forward to our paths crossing in the future especially if it means working together again.
Rachel Fadel DeAraujoProject Manager, Contractor
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Michele was simply a fantastic client. Under her leadership, she helped our technology project yield the results needed to resolve complexities and timely delivery. I was impressed with her refined managerial style, accessibility, and leadership. Overall, her positive energy and mentorship made an impact on our success. I welcome the opportunity to service her again in the future.
Laura W.Small Business Owner
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In a word, 'invaluable' is how I can describe my experience with Michele Delgado as my business coach. She has helped me in areas I knew I was weak in such as administrative organization, as well as motivated me to get out of my own way and move forward. Her years of business experience combined with her interpersonal skills make her the perfect partner in recharging, refocusing, and growing your business to the next level.