I hope you were able to tune in and listen to the adversity series. My guests shared so much about their personal struggles and how they fought the demons inside them creating a new path with lots of success.
In this series we will look beyond physical diversities and explore the Invisible diversity. This is a term I recently became aware of and curious. What does it all mean? When we hear the word diversity, immediately we think of race, gender, or specific religious groups.
Invisible diversity, is just that. Something that is not immediately detected by sight or sound. Even if we are meeting them for the first time. Those who may be diagnosed with ADD, Autism, Asperger’s, or any other type of neuro diverse qualities are often misunderstood. They face challenges navigating school, work, and relationships. Labeled troublemakers, or not up to par, leaving some feeling less than or insecure.
My guests in this series, share their own personal stories and their mission that we all can be more empathetic. Creating a space to be more inclusive and supportive towards individuals with invisible diversities.

Judging is a part of human behavior. Biases are something we will continue to experience. It is not always easy for us to accept others who are navigating everyday life different from ourselves. I remain curious to understand their challenges. As someone who has been a subject of negative or assuming thoughts, I remind myself to be vulnerable, empathetic, and compassionate. Exploring diversity is not a check list of activities with a final destination. It is a journey to be open to new thoughts in how we can be more inclusive and understanding.

Are you in an environment lacking DEI? Imagine yourself surrounded by people who see you, accept you, and embrace you for who you are. Think of the possibilities and opportunities a supportive environment could open for your future. And if you need help making real change, I would love to come alongside you.

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